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Low Calories Meal Plans

A corner stone of losing weight is reducing calories, however, the majority of people report that they find it hard to stick to it, or that they feel very tired and mostly they gain all the weight back as soon as they stop the diet.

Hayz Low Calories Meal Plan helps lose the weight and keep it off. Our success rate is very high because:


We don’t push you to resist the natural human nature of enjoying food, we prepare food that you will love eating and won’t feel deprived

Balanced Macros

We balance the macro nutrients (Proteins, Carbs, Fats) for optimal results, your body won’t feel the crash that you get with other diets

Don’t hit the Wall!

We cycle your calories in a calculated range so that you don’t hit a plateau (when you stop losing weight even when you are still on a diet)

Lean Gainer Meal Plans

This plan helps you avoid the dreaded bulking/cutting cycle. Gain lean mass through our clean high calories plan to feed your muscles not your love handles.

We cook with lean proteins, good carbs sources and the right amounts of Healthy fats to give you a balanced meal with the calorie surplus you need to gain lean mass.

Calorie Surplus

To gain weight you need a calorie surplus. The type of calorie and the timing of the food makes it possible to gain this weight as muscles not fat

Proper Macros

A lean gainer needs proper amounts of healthy carbs before and after workout with the right ratio of protein. Fats are needed too in the right time. We take over this complexity and let you focus on your workout and we take

Clean Cheats

A lean gainer should eat clean throughout the week, yet you need some cheat days. We prepare the clean cheat days for you so that you are in anabolic state all week long

Life Style Meal Plans

With this plan, you are in the ultimate zone. You are leading a healthy life style, eating delicious filling meals that help you stay healthy and active, lose few kilos and sustain your desired weight

This plan contains a variety of the so called “Naughty Foods” that we have reinvented to be healthier. Join this plan and get in the Zone

Naughty Food

This is our expertise, to cook things like Pastas, Burgers, Burritos, Parmesan Chicken… and make it healthy!

Balanced Macros

We balance the macro nutrients (Proteins, Carbs, Fats) for optimal results, you will feel energized and active while losing weight

Life Style

With this plan, your won’t feel like you are in a diet. It’s your new lifestyle that will help you lose weight and keep it off forever

Ketogenic Meal Plans

Ketogenic is a very low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet. It’s great for some body types and accelerates weight loss through training the body to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel (Ketogenic adaptation).

We will help you decide if this is a good diet for you, it works wonders for some people but it has to be done right to stay in “Ketosis” state throughout the diet and to avoid using bad fats instead of healthy ones

Healthy Fats

We use healthy fats so that you reach the ketosis state while staying healthy. Healthy fats also help fighting cravings

Accurate Macros

With this diet, any mistake in the macros kicks you out of Ketosis. We accurately calculate and prepare the food to stay in the ketosis state throughout the diet


A lot of people report that they miss sandwiches and desserts in this diet. We bake our own Keto friendly bread and have a decent variety of keto

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